The American Saddlebred Association of Arizona Presents the 48th Annual
Carousel Charity Horse Show

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Entries close 3-2-18

schedule of fees and premiums

  • Stalls are not pre-bedded. WestWorld does not allow import of shavings. All shavings used at WestWorld must be purchased from WestWorld Feed & Bedding. Call ahead for shavings and feed at 480.312.6814. WestWorld imposes a $250.00 fine for a first offense and a permanent ban from WestWorld for the second offense of this rule.
  • Horses brought to the show grounds but not entered in the show must pay the appropriate stall or grounds fees and the $38.00 office fee. No exceptions.
  • Management reserves the right to modify the class schedule in case of inclement weather.
  • There will be no fax or internet access from the show office. Prepare to submit all necessary documents with your entries or bring them to the show office with you.
  • Avoid post entry fees by submitting your entries online or postmarked on or before the entry deadline of March 2, 2018.
  • Be certain to use the correct entry blank for your breed or discipline. Entries submitted on the incorrect form will have to be redone when you arrive at the show.
  • Please note that the Office Fee is per horse. Horse registration/membership courtesy verification fee will be $5.00 per document (if done by the show office staff).
  • All exhibitors will be required to open show accounts at the show office by depositing an open check, cash, or have a credit card on file.
  • Please read rules 17-22 regarding class changes and additions.
  • There will be NO fee for scratches or changes of rider. There will be NO fee for adding championship classes if entered at least 3 hours prior to the start of the scheduled session if the horse previously entered prior to the close of entries.
  • To avoid confusion regarding stabling, please list both trainer AND barn name on your entry blank. For groups or barns wishing to stable together, please be sure to mark it on your entry form.
  • Golf Cart Rentals provided through Action Golf Cart Rentals at 480.649.5529.
  • Country Inn & Suites is the host hotel. Our block of rooms will sell out fast! Book early to receive the special show rate. 


Entry Forms











show approvals

USEF Federation Fee                                                                                       

    Drugs & Medication, USEF
USEF Show Pass Non-Member Fee                                                                                   Opportunity, Exhibition, Academy, Adaptive Riding, Peruvian Pasos & WE entries are                    exempt from USEF fees 
AHA Non-Member Single Event Fee                                                          
AHA Show Recognition Fee - Per Horse for Performance Classes

​AHA Show Recognition Fee - Per Horse for Halter Classes    

AHA Resolution 9-90 Fee 

AHA Resolution 9-90 Fee - Per Horse for All Arabian Classes                             

United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), Arabian Horse Association (AHA), American Morgan Horse Association, Golden West Region VII Council, American Saddlebred Association (ASHA), American Saddlebred Association of Arizona (ASAA), Pacific Coast Horse Shows Circuit, Inc., and the North American Peruvian Horse Association.

Versailles, KY
Paris, KY

Scottsdale, AZ
Fort McDonnell, AZ

Lomita, CA

Mt. Washington, KY
Phoenix AZ
Versailles, KY
Park City, UT
Cave Creek, AZ
Scottsdale, AZ
Scottsdale, AZ
Cave Creek, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Twentynine Palms, CA
Phoenix, AZ
Scottsdale, AZ

attention all exhibitors

The Carousel Arabian Gelding Spectacular

usef, aha, and asaa fees










Regular and Qualifying Classes Entry Fee                                            

Arabian Concurrent (Halter, Region 7-12) - Reg. and Qual.

Arabian Gelding Spectacular Halter Class  

$1000 Added Jackpot

    Champion - $360, Reserve - $300, 3rd - $100, 4th - $140, 5th-6th - Ribbon       

$300 Added Jackpot

    Champion - $150, Reserve - $100, 3rd - $50, 4th-6th - Ribbon  

No $ Stakes and Championships Entry Fee

    Championship Ribbons through 6th Place

Academy Classes

Adaptive Riding Classes (One-Time Entry Fee)

Working Equitation Classes 


     L2, Novice A, L3 Novice B, L4 Intermediate A, L5 Intermediate B, L6 Advanced 

Show Manager
Show Secretary

Event Coordinator
USEF Steward

Peruvian Paso Steward

Ring Master, Equidome
Announcer Equidome
Paddock Master Equidome
Ring Master Ring 3
Announcer Ring 3
Paddock Master Ring 3
Barn Manager/Awards
Photographer Equidome
Photographer Ring 3
Videographer Equidome

WE Coord. and Tec Delegate

Adaptive Ring Coordinator 

All Stalls                                                                                                               

    Horse and Tack, 8 AM Wed - 6 AM Mon, No Pre-Bed  
Early Arrival/Late Departure Stall Fee                                                     

    Per Stall/Per Day 
Add/Change Class Fee                                                                                  

     Refer to Rules 17 and 19
Add/Change Class Fee                                                                                   

    Less Than One Hour Before Class 

Post Entry Fee                                                                                                   

    After March 2, 2018 - Plus Additional $5 Per Horse
Office Fee Per Entry   

Office Fee for Academy Per Horse                                                                                  Grounds Fee                                                                                                      

    Per Horse Not Using Stalls/Per Day  
Horse Registration/Membership Verification Fee                               

     Per Document, If Done by the Show Office Staff








vendor and sponsorship Forms

class Fees

show officers

general fees

2018 premium book

Betsy Boone

     Saddlebred, Hackney, Morgan, Roadster, Equitation, and Open Opportunity

Vicki Humphrey

     Half Arabian/Anglo-Arabian (Region 7), Friesans 

Dick Adams

     Arabian, Half Arabian/Anglo-Arabian Halter (Region 12) 

Luis (Lucho) Dapelo

      Peruvian Paso

Mr. Juan Jose Del Valle 

​      Working Equitation 

important information on stall assignments

  • Groups wishing to be stabled together are required to send in the entire group of completed entries AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! A single check made payable to ASAA, Inc. for these entries will facilitate processing but is not required.
  • Late and/or separate entries cannot be assured stall assignments proximate to any desired groups.
  • For entries to be prioritized, they must be fully completed. This includes ALL fees and requisite documentation.
  • No guarantees are made in regard to stabling or stall assignments!
  • Stall Assignments are prioritized according to the following criteria:

  1. Sponsorships
  2. Date of receipt of entry
  3. Number of horses brought to the show grounds
  4. Average ratio of number of horses brought to number of classes entered

Kent Moeller

Lori Nelson

Kelly Charpentier
Sheryl Craig

Fran Todd

Dewey Bass
Joe Husband

Kent Moeller
Dennis Eikenberry
Dawn Green
Chris Misker
Tanya Missurelli
Howard Schatzberg
Casey McBride
Take One Productions
Robin Hunnicutt
Amy Voliva DVM

Amy Star

Chelsea Hardin